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EXON GENETIC AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, provides international health projects, turnkey hospital projects, medical equipment, devices, furnitures and consumables and focused on planning both professional architectural services and even operational services of the several PPP Hospital projects which are also known as City Hospitals in Turkiye under the BEYLER GROUP..

EXON GENETIC AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, provides Turnkey healthcare projects and offers health counseling services to several institutions and health care organizations.

All in all, the services provided in this sector consist of the below key points;

  1. Offering consultancy services in the healthcare projects and putting these projects into practice,
  2. Determining the lists of medical equipment, furnishing and supplies, and making purchases,
  3. Designing and implementing the flowcharts, organization charts and procedures based on the nature of the healthcare center, identifying potential problems and creating solutions that may arise during the operation,
  4. Providing the healthcare institutions with guidance on achieving the international standards of service quality,
  5. Providing Turnkey Consultancy Services.

It is possible to outline the healthcare consultancy services offered by BEYLER Healthcare Consultacy in the following five steps: Planning and setting-up, preparing feasibility study, determining the need for medical equipment and supplying them, guidance on management, offering turnkey consultancy services.


  1. Carrying out  the regional analysis where the healthcare center is planned to be set-up
  2. If the healthcare center doesn’t have a set region and location, giving advice on the suitable region and location
  3. Determining the content, management format and care units of the healthcare  center according to the specific features of the region
  4. Designing the healthcare center project according to the Ministry of Health norms and the requirements of high level business activity, and ensuring it is ready to form a basis for an architectural project draft
  5. Informing and guiding the establishment managers about the architectural project that is formed according to the healthcare center format
  6. Ensuring the architectural project is in accordance with the chosen location for the hospital and the Private Hospitals Regulations


  1. Preparing the feasibility study for setting-up and management according to the set format  of the healthcare center
  2. Calculating the costs of preliminary research, architectural project, construction, infrastructure, gas systems, heating, cooling and ventilation that are necessary to set-up the healthcare center
  3. Determining the lists of medical equipment, furnishing and supplies to be used in the healthcare center
  4. Determining the surgical instruments to be used in the healthcare center
  5. Preparing a detailed list of the costs for setting-up the healthcare center
  6. Determining and detailing the costs for the management of the healthcare center
  7. Calculating the costs of the norm personel that is necessary for the Healthcare center and the costs of the employees for the specific units that need improvement
  8. Analyzing and calculating the routine costs of the healthcare center and the costs that are related to certain criteria and preparing expenditure charts related to them
  9. Specifying the income sources for the healthcare center, analyzing these sources and calculating how much revenue they will bring to the hospital, and creating distinctive charts related to them
  10. Calculating the prediction of periodical, annual and ten years period term income and expenses by projections and making their statistical accuracy meaningful
  11. Calculating the profit of investing in the healthcare center and the return on investment


These steps are followed respectively:

1.Determining the lists of medical equipment, 2. Furnishing and supplies,

  1. Choosing the best quality medical devices and equipment,
  2. Purchasing the equipment at the best rate and under appropriate conditions.


  1. Preparing possible risk calculations and predictions that might occur during the management of the healthcare center and informing the Management staff about these        matters.
  2. Forming the personnel standards according to the legislations and acquiring the activity permission from the Ministry of Health that is necessary for the hospital to become fully functional and operational
  3. Identifying the specialty sections of the hospital and distributing the personnel accordingly
  4. Distributing the beds capacity of the hospital according to the sections and planning intensive care and operating rooms
  5. As required by the Ministry of Health, forming the Quality in Healthcare Standards and ensuring these standards are applied during the hospital’s daily operations
  6. Creating specific organizational schema for the hospital
  7. Creating hospital workflow charts and procedures
  8. Defining the job description of all the staff that will be employed in the hospital such as the management staff, doctors, healthcare personnel and administrative staff
  9. Ensuring the core personnel starts working and giving managers the necessary training to make sure they become capable of offering training
  10. Together with the core personnel training, ensuring doctors and other staff are employed and provided with the necessary and suitable training
  11. Creating desired employee behavior models and measuring their performance
  12. Offering guidance on the necessary arrangements that will motivate the employees in terms of participation in the system and developments
  13. Choosing the hospital automation program and ensuring it is set up by the Hospital Management Staff
  14. Ensuring the automation program is integrated into the system and providing the users with hands on training
  15. Offering guidance on the necessary structure that will render the healthcare center appropriate for the legal procedures
  16. Providing guidance to the healthcare center on the necessary procedures to make agreements with the official institutions, private institutions, private health insurance companies, social security institutions, etc. and ensuring the contracts with them are signed
  17. Determining the preventions needed to make profit without compromising the system’s quality of service and boosting productivity by making the financial analysis of the healthcare center
  18. Identifying and developing methods to prevent possible deficiencies in the healthcare center, training the related staff about these matters, and putting the developed  system  into practice
  19. Determining priorities by preparing feasibility reports on new investment plans.
  20. Identifying essential preventions to keep the idle capacity  level to the lowest possible, providing relevant training, and inspecting the employees regarding this matter
  21. After the healthcare center becomes fully operational, identifying disruptions in the operations and providing the management staff and other employees with in-service training to improve these situations
  22. Building the infrastructure that is essential to avoid interruptions in sending out invoices and training the related staff about this matter
  23. Identifying the steps that are necessary to be followed to bring the hospital to the international standards and guiding towards this goal
  24. Ensuring all the procedures and adjustments to the service offered in the hospital are permanently up to the international standards


This is the process of offering all above mentioned services. This starts from the decision to setup a healthcare center, including all the necessary steps, processes and services.


We have a showroom in the Kampala/Uganda. We demonstrated various products that are produced in Türkiye in the fields of furniture, medical equipment, medical furniture, consumables that stand out with their high quality and competible prices to meet with the citizens of Africa.

EXON GENETIC AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, is the main medical equipment supplier in Uganda and East Africa.  EXON GENETIC AND BIOTECHNOLOGY is the distributor of different medical equipment and consumables factories in Türkiye. We can furnished one of the hospital with our products.

EXON GENETIC AND BIOTECHNOLOGY has team in Uganda and Rwanda for installation and services for medical equipments.

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