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EXON GENETIC AND BIOTECHNOLOGY is manufacturing these PCR test Kits:


    1. HIV PCR Test
    2. Malaria PCR Test
    3. Hepatitis B PCR Test
    4. Hepatitis C PCR Test
    5. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) PCR Test
    6. Covid 19 PCR Test
    7. Covid variant detection PCR Test
    8. Influenza A/B PCR Test      
    9. Covid 19 & Flu A/B (Combo)
    10. Tuberculosis PCR Test
    11. Zika Virus PCR Test
    12. SMA PCR Test
    13. Monkey Pox Virus PCR Test
    14. RSV PCR Test

We have a capacity for producing any other PCR Tests in our production laboratory.

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